May 31, 2023Liked by Rachael Maddux

Love seeing a reference to the Dell Dude! He ended up living in my family's house for a few months, along with his father, the summer my parents and I lived in Berkeley while my dad did something important. The Dell Dude's dad had left the church where he was a pastor and their family was going through a transition and they needed a place to land and we had an empty house to offer. I don't know why I've remembered that weird tidbit all this time, except that I was seven and it felt like the first year I was really aware, and have a consistent body of memories. It was a year everything felt in motion. The oddity of living somewhere else and exploring San Francisco with my mom, of losing my first tooth, of knowing another family was in our house while we were gone. The year my parents got really into Cobb Salad. Funny how time goes by, the artifacts we mark the passage by.

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